The Business Cards Lesson I Learned

Thursday, April 12, 2012
In February of 2012 I was fortunate to see Donna Messer, the "Queen" of networking and President of ConnectUs Canada, speak at McMaster's Inspiring From Within conference. One of the many tips I picked up from Donna, was to always carry business cards. I noticed right away Donna had a pocket full of business cards ready to be distributed. I later learned her other pocket was empty, ready to receive business cards. Of course, I didn't have any to give her (Darn it!). I didn't have any cards related to being a writer even printed.

 Since writing is currently a hobby I wasn't prepared to invest a lot of money into business cards. I've discovered a few cheap, yet effective options.

 1) Print your own business cards. From your favorite office supply store you can purchase business card paper for $10-$20

 2)Vistaprint - You can order 250 business cards online for free and only pay for the processing and shipping. You can also purchase cards; 250 for $20.00. See site for full details.

 3)Moo - Order a sample pack of 10 MOO Business Cards, for free. These are the ones I ordered and they are really nice cards however, they come with the URL in the corner on once side of the card since they are free. You can also purchase cards starting at 50 cards for $19.99.

So now I have 10 business cards related to writing in my purse, so I'm prepared for the next time I run into Donna, or anyone else I'm networking with.


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