Who's vs Whose - I've made the mistake.

Monday, September 5, 2016
This week there was a spike in a post I wrote on the POV and Picture Books. I decided to take a look at the post, since it's been five years since I wrote it, to see what was so interesting.

Though the content is good, I cringed. Ahh! A grammatical error.

Who’s eyes we see the story through.”

Do you see the problem? What am I trying to say here? If we expand the contraction out, does the sentence make sense?

Who is eyes we see the story through.”
What? No! That's not what I am trying to say.

Who has eyes we see the story through.” 
I do! I have eyes. 

Well, that makes a little more sense, but it's not a question and that's not what I'm trying to say.

The sentence should read, “Whose eyes we see the story through.” “Whose” meaning belonging to or associated with which person. Yes, that is the correct who's/whose. Though, for me, the sentence still feels awkward.

I hope the increase of views for the blog post was for content and not as an example of the mistake. If it was for this mistake, I guess the number of views will decrease, because it has been changed to a less awkward sentence. :)