‘This is the Mud!’ Spot the Difference Game online  - I created for the book This is the Mud! by Author Kat Apel 

Letter to Santa Template - a page for you to print to help you write a letter to Santa.

Miss Betty's Hair Colour - Fun with colours.

Wheels on the Bus - Click on the stop sign to stop the bus and see who comes off.

Play the Piano - Click on the keys to play the piano.

Animals on the Farm - Click on the animals to hear the sounds they make. Some of the animals are hiding. Can you find them?

Playground - Find all the fun things to do at the playground. This was my very first Flash creation I made some time ago. Excuse the amature drawings.

Auntie Flamingo - This was an opening I was working on for my alter ego Auntie Flamingo. It's a little out of sync so I didn't use it but you'll get the idea. I may go back again and try to improve on it.