Off ryhmes, Near Rhymes, Imperfect Rhymes...

Monday, September 6, 2010
... half rhymes or oblique rhymes. It doesn't matter what you call it the outcome is the same. It is when two words are close in rhyming but don't quite rhyme. Like cover and other, here and weird

Cover has a V sound in the middle and the word Other has a TH sound. Not the same.

Weird has a D sound at the end where the word Here doesn't.

So what are your thoughts on using near rhymes? Take my poll on the right and let me know.


  1. Hmmm, near rhymes. I guess they can have a place in picture books where near rhymes are used throughout. I find it really jarring, though, to read a rhyming PB which uses perfect rhyme all the way through EXCEPT for one or two near rhymes. I always find myself searching for a better rhyme, which distracts from the story itself...

  1. Thanks for your comment Rachael.
    I'm trying very hard to avoid near rhymes in my writings. I was dead against them until I've noticed some of my favorite picture book writers do it. For me, I think it is best to not use them.....for now.

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