Day 1: NaPiBoWriWee

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day one of National Picture Book Writing Week is done and how did I do?

Not so good.

Did I fail?

No. You can't fail NaPiBoWriWee.

After a busy day at my full time job (worked through my lunch), some not so good news - which threw me for a loop, and a long dental appointment in the evening, after I put the kids to bed I had nothing left to attempt to write a picture book draft. Excuses? Maybe. Reasons? Ya.

That does not mean I didn't think about it. So now, today, I have to roll into overtime and try to catch up. Excuses? Ya, I have a whole bunch more I could use but I won't. I am not going to leave this blog post short and see what picture book (or 2) gets written today.


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