A New Look

Sunday, September 4, 2011
I've decided to give this blog a new look. It's not that I don't like this template because this template is fun and lighthearted, a lot like me. I originally focused on writing for children and this template was perfect. However, there is more to me and my writing now. I'm an adult, a parent, a woman, a musician, a runner, a geek, a lover of sci-fi, a volleyball player and much more. My writing has expanded into these areas and I feel that this template is only representing a small corner of me. (Actually I have curves not corners, but you get the 'point.') Did I also mention I have a weird sense of humour?

My plan is to take this flowery, fun template and apply it to the blog of my alter ego, Auntie Flamingo (http://auntieflamingo.blogspot.com/.) That blog is mainly for my children's writing. In turn, I will give this site a great, new look. I haven't fully decided on what I want here yet so you may see it change many times before a settle on a look, so bear with me. (I was going to type "bare with me" which could be fun, too)

That just about wraps it up for now. Feel free to comment on the site's new look as it happens.


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