The DNA Results Were Not What I Was Expecting

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
The results from my dog's DNA test are in!

This photo is a result of a different kind of test Benny took.

To read about the test visit

We suspected that he was a Labrador/ Border Collie cross and speculated that he might have some Boxer in him.

To our surprise, he doesn't have any Labrador or Border Collie.

He does have Boxer.

According to , Benny is:
  • 37-74% Boxer
  • 20-36% German Shepherd
  • 10-19% Rat Terrier
Boxer (37-74%)

German Shepherd (20-36%)
Rat Terrier (10-19%)
With a little math, we can determine he is actually about 45-70% Boxer.

If he was the minimum percentage of the secondary breeds then he could be up to 70% Boxer
(100% - 20% - 10% = 70%)

If he was the maximum percentage of the secondary breeds then he could only be a low as 45% Boxer. (100% - 36% - 19% = 45%)

The one thing I know for sure is Benny is 100% lovable!
What do you think?
Do you think it's accurate? What would have been your guess?
Have you ever had a DNA test on your dog? What were the results?
Is there anything else you would like to know? Comment below!


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